Professional Audio Equipment Hire In Sydney, NSW

For professional audio equipment hire in Sydney, NSW, contact the experienced team at Loud ‘n’ Live Sound Systems and find out what we offer for your event.


Loud ‘n’ Live use modular speaker systems which enables us to tailor a system to suit each customer’s individual requirements for each venue or function. Whether it’s a small vocal P.A. to a large outdoor concert rig, this can be achieved simply by adding additional speaker cabinets and amplifiers.

Feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote and discuss what rig would be best suited for your application. No Job is too big, No Job is Too Small.

Front of House

Mid / High Cabinets
ElectroVoice Series II / Mongoose
3 Way Double 15” / 2” H.F.Horn
Which can deliver 2000 Watts RMS each

Crossover Network

ElectroVoice Series II / Mongoose

Sub/Bass Cabinets
Klipsch KP-4000
Single 18” Sub Woofer
Which can deliver 600 Watts RMS each


Up to 12 sends of foldback is available with each send consisting of :
2 x ElectroVoice 15” Passive Concert Wedges with 2” horn.
1 x ElectroVoice 3 way Drumfill Double 15” / 2” Horn.
Each monitor send is powered by a QSC
900 watts (RMS) amplifier.


Front of House
2 x QSC – RMX5050
Stereo 5000 Watts (RMS) each
2 x QSC – PLX1804
Stereo 1800 Watts (RMS) each


Allen & Heath GL2800 32 Channel, 8 sub group mixing console with up to 12 sends of foldback.
Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equalisers.
Yamaha SPX900 and SPX90 Digital Effects.


ElectroVoice ND767 Vocal Mics
Shure Beta58 Vocal Mics
Shure Beta56 Drum Mics
Shure SM58, SM57 Mic Ups
AKG D112 Kick Drum Mic
Beyer MCE86 Overhead/Telescope Mics

Sennheiser UHF Radio In-Ear-Monitor Systems, Headset & Handheld Radio Mic packages are also available on request.


Lighting packages can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

  • Par64LED Colour Changers
  • Par64 Polished Ray Cans
  • Par56 Polished Cans
  • Par36 Rotating Mini Spots
  • 500-Watt Halogen Blinders
  • 150 Watt Mini-Gem effects
  • I-Color4 Wash Lights
  • Light Emotion Sputnik 25P Moving Lights
  • Light Emotion Sputnik 36W Moving Lights
  • Smoke Machine (Water Based Fluid)
  • 128 Channel Digital Control Desk
  • LSC 12 Channel DMX Dimmer Rack
  • LED Starcloth Backdrop
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